Casablanca Annasr Ville Nouvelle


Morocco, Africa


The Landscape vision for ‘Casablanca Annasr Ville Nouvelle’ was based on the creation of an integrated series of quality open spaces and streetscapes which enhance the environment of this residential development. This network of green pedestrian corridors will make a safe and pleasant environment for pedestrians.

Central to the masterplan is a large pedestrian boulevard, which offers numerous activities and recreational functions for the community. This space is a key component to the development and will provide recreation for all residents.

Neighbourhood parks will serve some parts of the development, providing play spaces for children and quiet leisure gardens to adults.

The landscape design will utilize suitable planting and materials to reduce on-going maintenance costs and create pedestrian friendly spaces. In addition shade structures, comfortable outdoor seating areas, and attractive yet appropriate planting will create a sense of place and character that will facilitate outdoor activity and interaction.


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